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White Stripes Release Recordings of First Live Shows

The latest recordings to surface via Third Man Records' "Vault" subscription series should be a real gem for White Stripes aficionados.

The package sent out to subscribers includes two pieces of a vinyl that feature recordings of the very first White Stripes shows, including the band's open mic night debut on July 14, 1997, and first full-length show on August 14, 1997. You can get more info on the package here.

While this retrospective is a nice treat for fans, Jack White seems quite content with his solo career at the moment, telling Dutch news station Newsuur that his former band is "all done."

"But the lord works in mysterious ways so there'll probably be something better to come out of me one day," he added. "I hope so, I've got nothing better to do."

And that "something better" might very well be White's debut solo album, Blunderbuss (buy on iTunes), which landed at No. 1 on the Billboard charts upon its release.