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Young Guitarist of the Year star Abigail Zachko has released her debut album

Abigail Zachko, a 2018 Young Guitarist of the Year finalist, and her band This Was Planned* have just released their debut album, Sunshine Lullaby.

The new full-length effort finds the young New Jersey-based guitarist and vocalist – Zachko was just 14 when she competed in the finals – joined by Joey Caride on bass and Mike Caminiti on drums.

You can check out a teaser for the record above, showcasing Zachko’s impressive chops as well as her band’s complex and catchy math-rock sound, which has garnered comparisons to acts like Chon and Fall of Troy.

Below, take a peek at Zachko’s full 2018 Young Guitarist of the Year finals performance.

For more information on This Was Planned* head over to their official BandCamp page.