Bugera V5 Tube Combo Amp



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Dr Gonzo

For some reason, the majority of my GAS attacks in the last few years have revolved around small tube amps, like this one. I have more of the damned things than I know what to do with, but I won't part with any of them.
It started with a Crate V5, the LOUDEST 5 watt amp I've ever heard. Class A, 10" speaker, Gain, Tone, Volume controls. An AWESOME sounding amp when cranked. If you can find one, jump on it!
Then the Fender Champion 600, oh what fun!
The Carr Raleigh - small amp, big price tag, incredible tone!
Then a Vox AC4-TV, a sweet, sweet amp, turned into a MONSTER with the aid of a Mercury Magnetics upgrade kit.
Latest one is a Marshall Class 5, a new love that sounds good enough to taste. Soon to receive the Mercury treatment.
Now I gotta go check one these things out....drat!

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