Ed's Shed: How to Tell If Your Guitar’s Neck Needs to be Adjusted



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gvannostrand, does this hold true for a Epi Les Paul as well? I'm looking at perfectly flat right now, but it's very humid and warm here today, in the winter I do have a slight dip there. Thanks.



I teach my students to lay the guitar flat, making sure the neck is not resting on anything, and have a good light source behind the neck. Depress the string at the first fret and the last fret, creating a flat edge along the length of the neck. Just like they do at the fender factory. At the 7th fret, should be able to see space between the bottom of the string and the fret. 0.12" by fender specs, (I prefer it a bit lower), but for those without precision measuring tools, about the width of two business cards. And that absolutely flat is not correct, but a little relief is needed.



Hey Now, Ed. Love the articles every month. Your tips and tricks have definitely helped. Thank you.


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