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14 Great Rock Covers from the Last Two Decades

I’m a big fan of heavy, modern rock groups that can take an old song and breathe life back into it. For example, I’d probably never listen to “Word Up” voluntarily, were it not for Korn’s awesome rendition on seven-string guitars.To me, it’s like trading in an old, worn-out cell phone for something brand new and interesting.So I’m rounding up some of my favorite—dare I say “the greatest”—rock... …

Building Eighth- and 16th-Note Rock Rhythms

The music we listen to (at least in the western part of the world) conditions us, as guitar players, to a default timing and rhythm. In most cases that timing is 4/4 or what we call “common time.” Common time often shows up as four quarter notes in a measure.However, we don’t always have to play only quarter notes when we’re in 4/4 time. And while it might be an easy habit to form, it’s... …