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Acoustic Nation Hosts Mass Appeal Guitars in Union Square NY

It was a glorious day in Union Square Park on June 21.

Just the right kind of weather for hundreds of guitarists to gather and jam for Mass Appeal: Guitars, an annual event that’s part of Make Music Day.

This year, Acoustic Nation co-hosted the event with the New York City Guitar School and I have to say, it was truly epic.

The event kicked off with Alex Skolnick and his world music project, Planetary Coalition. Not only did Skolnick lay down some amazingly virtuosic guitar focused and rhythmically complex masterpieces, but he also played with great feeling. There was dancing in the streets. It was fabulous.

Next up came the focus of the event, a jam of all the guitar players in the park lead by various performers and groups. Yes, I even took the reins for Paramore’s “The Only Exception,” and it was truly wild to look out and see hundreds of guitarists playing and singing along. Best audience interaction EVER!

The day closed with a performance by New York City band Wise Girl. Lead by Abby Weitz, their brand of original punky pop entertained and got the crowd moving. Before they lead the final play along song, we gave away a few coveted items from our sponsors.

Tech 21 gave away a Sans Amp pedal. The New York City Guitar school gave one lucky winner a 10-week guitar course. And the cherry on top of this wonderful event was the Martin D-28 acoustic guitar, which the lucky Liz Curtin of New York, NY took home with her!

When the final chords were shared, we all walked away smiling and sweaty with that feeling of a day well spent!

Before I close I want to give a massive shout out to all the wonderful companies that help make this event happen. Martin Guitars sponsored the stage and the guitar giveaway. Truly awesome! Tech 21 was an event sponsor and it was so great to use their gear on stage and give away a Sans Amp pedal. Guitar Center's 14th Street store donated the use of the backline gear. Hal Leonard helped us make some wonderful songbooks that had all the chords and lyrics for the songs we performed that day. And NAMM helped us spread the word. Thank you, thank you all!!

Check out our gallery below and come on out next year …on June 21!

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