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Acoustic Nation's Holiday Gift Guide

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I’ll admit it. I’m always looking for another gadget that will enhance my guitar playing. From simple capos and tuners to more complex apps, pedals and accessories, there’s a boatload of cool stuff that we guitarists crave. And don’t even get me started on picks. They seem to disappear on a daily basis.

And of course, there's always another instrument to try. Whether its another guitar or something else with strings, like a ukulele or mandolin, putting your fingers on something new and different keeps things fresh and sonically interesting.

I bet you’re wondering what to get the acoustic musician in your life right about now. Or, of course, what to put on your own wish list. I reached out to our family of bloggers to see what they find to be the most useful. Here are our top picks for gifts for the acoustic musician in your life…or for yourself!