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August Burns Red Premiere "In the Studio with Brent Rambler" Video

(Image credit: Gene Smirnov)

Today, presents the exclusive premiere of "In the Studio With Brent Rambler," a new video featuring the August Burns Red guitarist.

In the clip—which you can watch below—Rambler discusses the creative process behind the band's brand-new album, Phantom Anthem, and how it—in terms of its sound—stands up to the band's previous two offerings, 2015's Found in Far Away Places and 2013's Rescue & Restore.

Rambler also discusses the difficulty of learning the band's lightining-fast, technical new material and perfecting it for the studio and the road.

"As far as the guitar goes for this record," Rambler says, "Learning it is very difficult. The songs can be fast, they're extremely hard."

"It's taken a long time to learn these songs on guitar," he continues, "It'll take even longer to get them absolutely perfect to the point where we can perform them live."

You can pick up a copy of Phantom Anthem for yourself here.

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