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Lick of the Day: Blues-Rock Barnburner with Michael Angelo Batio

This lick features Michael Angelo Batio, who shows you how to play a swinging uptempo blues lick in A. Batio is playing his Dean Signature MAB1 guitar, which he describes in the video.

The lick is based around the fifth-position A blues scale (A C D D♯ E G) "box" pattern, with the major third, C♯, added here and there to brighten up the color of the line and outline an A dominant seven (A C♯ E G) tonality.

"When I go for that big bent-note vibrato at the beginning of bar 2, I make sure no adjacent strings unintentionally ring out," Batio says. "I do this by muting the high E string with my pick hand and the G string with the other fingers on my fretting hand.

The tempo is 187 beats per minute, 86 for slow practice.