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Self-Tuning Guitars: Epiphone Introduces Min-ETune-Equipped Models —Les Paul Classic-T and FT-350SCE — Video

Epiphone has introduced two new guitars, the Les Paul Classic-T and the FT-350SCE Acoustic/Electric, both of which come with the company's Min-ETune system. The company refers to the models as the world's first affordable self-tuning guitars.

From Epiphone:

The Min-ETune system is the proven system to keep your guitar tuned to standard pitch as well as alternate tunings quickly and accurately. A guitar with Min-ETune feels the same, looks the same (the unit mounts onto the back of your guitar’s headstock) and plays the same.

Most importantly, it sounds the same since Min-ETune works by tuning the actual strings, not by digital trickery that degrades your tone. Save time and money in the studio, keep the flow going on-stage, enhance your creativity with new tunings, and more. You take care of the playing—we’ll handle the tuning.

For more about the new models, click on the individual links above or head HERE. For more about Min-ETune, be sure to watch the video below.