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Video: Guthrie Govan and CJ Hann Play "Wonderful Slippery Thing"

We're not gonna lie, we seriously enjoy watching Guthrie Govan have his way with an unsuspecting fretboard.

In fact, you'll find a feature on Govan and the Aristocrats, his band with Bryan Beller and Marco Minnemann, in a recent issue of GW.

There are a lot of stellar Govan performances to be found on YouTube, but be sure to check out the clip featured below. It shows Govan, with uber-talented bassist CJ Hann, performing the aptly titled "Wonderful Slippery Thing," a track from Govan's 2006 solo album, Erotic Cakes.

Enjoy the flawless, often mystifying playing, especially the particularly impressive section that kicks off around the 2:50 mark and, well, just keeps on going. And don't worry about the annoying superimposed lettering that appears during the first minute of the video; it eventually disappears.