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Rock Stars: Guitar World Horoscopes, Week of April 2, 2012

Is this the right time to record the rock opera you've been putting off? Should you join that death-metal-bluegrass band? Check in every week with Margaret Santangelo's Rock Stars column.


“Out with the old and in with the new.”

This week is the time to do away with the old in order to bring in the new. Mercury goes direct in Pisces on Wednesday, marking the end of the murky, nebulous atmosphere. This forward movement of the planet of communication heralds the return of concentration, clear thinking and a sharper focus.

Venus’ entry into Gemini on Tuesday marks a phase of heightened creativity with writing, speaking and collaborating. Venus’ entry into Gemini, however, forms a T-square with Neptune in Pisces and retrograde Mars in Virgo. A T-square is composed of two planets in opposition (Mars and Neptune) with a third (Venus) antagonizing both simultaneously.

Although T-squares have a bad reputation, there are many potentially positive applications of this potentially negative influence. One can successfully leverage the dynamic pressure of the square for self-motivation and accomplishing goals, especially regarding finances, romantic partnerships and artistic endeavors. The week builds to a crescendo as the moon becomes full in Libra on Friday, spotlighting partnerships, romantic and business-related, and encourages honest and open communication in all relationships.

In addition, Mars is approaching a near-opposition with Neptune when it stations next week, which indicates that now is the best time to forcefully put an end to illusions, as well as delusions. Everyone has the power and motivation to face reality once and for all.

ARIES: You’ve been dealing with a deep-seated emotional issue for some time now. This week, as Mercury goes direct in Pisces, you may experience a psychological breakthrough. You will be able to let go of guilt, regret or remorse that has been bringing you down for months. You’ll overcome these feelings through simple communication. Whether it is with a therapist, your best friend or your band mate, externalizing your inner emotions by talking about them will enable you to finally move past them.
Aries Rock Stars: Elton John, March 25, 1942; Diana Ross, March 26, 1944.

TAURUS: Venus, your ruling planet, enters Gemini on Tuesday inspiring you with enthusiasm about finances. Be prepared for financial growth in the coming months, particularly making money from your artistic pursuits. Thanks to Jupiter’s transit through Taurus, a bolt of good luck makes it easier to parlay your creative work into an income-generating proposition. There’s nothing better than getting paid to do what you love. Networking with friends and colleagues is highlighted as Mercury goes direct on Wednesday. Don’t shy away from invitations to socialize this weekend.
Taurus Rock Stars: Dick Dale, May 4, 1937; Eric Burdon, May 11, 1941.

GEMINI: Blockages preventing the transformation of a partnership are finally disintegrating as Venus enters your Sun sign, Gemini, on Tuesday. In addition, Mercury, your planetary ruler, resumes forward progress on Wednesday, clarifying your consciousness and enabling you to move forward with a creative project that was stalled during its retrograde the past few weeks. This month, your powerful and dedicated network of friends and allies will support your creative endeavors. Conflict between professional aspirations and domestic obligations is easily resolved by simply asking a loved one for assistance.
Gemini Rock Stars: Harry Nilsson, June 15, 1941; Roseanne Cash, May 24, 1955.

CANCER: Your long-term professional aspirations come into focus this week. Mercury goes direct and loosens up your ability to express your deepest emotions. The full moon forces you to come to terms with domestic or relationship issues. Late in the week you are under pressure to resolve a conflict between your home and work life that has been raging. The attention and love of your spouse or lover will be the release valve that enables you to resolve this issue without a total emotional breakdown.
Cancer Rock Stars: Mick Fleetwood, June 24, 1942; Debbie Harry, July 1, 1945.

LEO: Your self-confidence and ambition will return when Mercury goes direct on Wednesday. If you have been avoiding facing a deep-seated emotional problem that is undermining your confidence, high-pressure astrological influences may force you to do so this week. Venus’ entry into Gemini inspires you to rekindle old friendships. A close friend may be the source of support, as well as insight, that will help you regain a proper perspective. The full moon in Libra prompts you to open up and express what’s really on your mind -– and in your heart -– this weekend.
Leo Rock Stars: Mick Jagger, July 26, 1943; Suzi Gardner, August 1, 1960.

VIRGO: Venus’ entry into Gemini on Tuesday creates an intense dynamic between your career and a relationship. Venus, the planet of love, marriage, and partnership, puts pressure on both Mars (anger) and Neptune (deception). A brewing conflict with significant other could potentially explode under this influence. Fortunately, Mercury, your planetary ruler, goes direct on Wednesday, enhancing your ability to communicate with your partner as well as your intuitive insight into his or her actions. The best way to diffuse a tense situation at home is to let go of resentment and shower your special someone with unconditional love.
Virgo Rock Stars: Kim Thayil, September 4, 1960; Patsy Cline, September 8,

LIBRA: The full moon in Libra illuminates your closes one-on-one partnerships, particularly those of a romantic nature. Mercury’s station in Pisces on Wednesday brings renewed clarity about a nebulous, confusing situation that has caused serious emotional difficulty for the past three weeks. Deception and dishonesty are fully revealed, and the truth may be quite divergent from previous assumptions. Tension between your daily routine and your spiritual needs may prompt you to take a vacation to settle your mind and recharge your batteries. Your planetary ruler Venus’s entry into Gemini could bring romance in an exotic locale, or perhaps an intriguing potential mate from a foreign country.
Libra Rock Stars: Chuck Berry, October 18, 1926; Kirsty MacColl, October 10, 1959.

SCORPIO: You’ll finally clear a blockage that has been hampering your productivity when Mercury finally goes direct on Wednesday. You can only accomplish progress on a creative project once you tie up loose ends and clear the decks. Venus enters Gemini on Wednesday, enabling you to more clearly and honestly communicate your innermost feelings to loved ones. Clear away emotional debris before the full moon in Libra on Friday. Channel your heightened intuition into an effort to understand a crisis affecting a family member or friend.
Scorpio Rock Stars: Gordon Lightfoot, November 17, 1938; Ricki Lee Jones, November 8, 1954.

SAGITTARIUS: Mercury goes direct in Pisces on Wednesday, and a domestic conflict will finally be resolved once and for all. Lately, you’ve been completely focused on work and your career and a loved one may feel left out, abandoned, or overlooked. When Venus enters Gemini on Wednesday, turn your focus to smoothing over the rough edges in a romantic relationship. On Friday, the moon is full in Libra, the sign of partnership, making the weekend the best time to make amends with your special someone.
Sagittarius Rock Stars: Ozzy Osbourne, December 3, 1948; Tina Turner, November 26, 1939.

CAPRICORN: You could be feeling insecure about your career and strive to fortify your position this week with your usual approach: hard work and dedication. Venus enters Gemini, inspiring you to create a more pleasant and peaceful work environment. If you have been experiencing tension with a colleague over a difference of opinion, wait until Mercury goes direct in Pisces on Wednesday to clear the air. The full moon in Libra on Friday spotlights your professional performance. Colleagues may recognize a recent accomplishment and shower you with praise. Don’t be shy – bask in the limelight for once!
Capricorn Rock Stars: Jorma Kaukonen, December 23, 1940; Patti Smith, December 30, 1946.

AQUARIUS: The motivation and clarity that has been lacking recently arrives this week, and with a vengeance. You are inspired to embark on a writing project as Mercury goes direct in Pisces. In addition, Venus’ entry into Gemini gets your creative juices flowing, bringing an inspiration overload. You’ll need more than one outlet through which to realize all the creative concepts in your head. The full moon in Libra at the week’s end enables you to put an end to collaborative friction by foregoing your usual stubbornness and making a compromise.
Aquarius Rock Stars: Warren Zevon, January 25, 1947; Sheryl Crow, February 11, 1962.

PISCES: Mercury goes direct in your Sun sign, Pisces, on Wednesday, marking an end to a hellish few weeks of confusion, deception, and general befuddlement. Venus’ entry into Gemini imparts a stabilizing and balancing influence to domestic strife. However, unless you confront and resolve tension brewing under the surface, a long-standing disagreement with your partner may come to a head and culminate in an all-out argument this weekend. The full moon in Libra on Friday intensifies your deepest emotions. Avoid taking a passive-aggressive approach; a direct, open, and honest attitude will enable you to finally settle a dispute once and for all.
Pisces Rock Stars: Kurt Cobain, February 20, 1967; Nancy Spungen, February 27, 1958.

Margaret Santangelo is a New York City-based freelance writer and astrologer specializing in the astrology of rock and roll. She has been a contributor to Guitar World, XXL, CosmoGirl!, Seventeen and other publications over the past 15 years.

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