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Metallica Pose as Motorhead Tribute Band, The Lemmys, in 1995 — Video

If you need proof that Metallica loved Motorhead, check out this video of Metallica posing as the Lemmys, a Motorhead tribute band, in 1995 at the Whisky a Go Go in LA.

The guys, who donned sunglasses and long, black-haired wigs, tore through a set of Motorhead songs in honor of Lemmy Kilmister‘s 50th birthday. As we all know by now, Lemmy died Monday at age 70 after a brief battle with cancer.

Back to 1995: They played "Overkill," "Damage Case," "Stone Dead Forever," "Too Late, Too Late," "The Chase Is Better Than the Catch," "We Are the Road Crew" and an "Overkill" reprise.

“They all dressed up as me and I thought that was great,” Lemmy told after the show. “They all had long black wigs on and penciled-in mustaches, and a tattoo drawn on one arm with a black marker. Besides, they got their tattoos on the wrong arm, too, every one of them.”

“After some initial hesitation, I also donned the wig and shades (try playing Motorhead songs when you have a 3-foot black wig and can’t see s—!)," Metallica's Lars Ulrich told So What! Magazine. "As we walked toward the Whisky stage (for the first time since supporting Saxon in 1982), the f—ing look on people’s faces [was] classic. I started ‘Overkill’ and immediately swallowed half the wig, but who gives a f—, and off we went.”