Five Headphone Songs Guaranteed to Blow Your Mind

Headphone technology seems to be getting better every day.

Recently, Ceekars (pronounced “seekers”) developed what it's calling the world’s first 4D headphones, and the aural experience is trippy, to say the least.

The company recently reached out to Guitar World and asked us to suggest some music that would put their radically new concept to the test. We responded with the following five tracks.

While these sound amazing using Ceekars 4D technology, they also sound great even using the most modest ear buds. Enjoy!
Grateful Dead, “Unbroken Chain”

This epic tune on the Dead’s From The Mars Hotel was so difficult for the band to play that it had to be recorded in carefully orchestrated sections.

Filled with cascading piano licks, jazzy guitar runs that dance in both sides of the stereo spectrum and weird synth burbles that tease the top of the brain, it’s the perfect headphone experience—especially when you’re “Truckin’” where it’s legal.

Mastodon, “The Czar”

This is one case where a song not only sounds great under headphones, but the sprawling arrangement almost makes more sense. In fact, that description applies to almost every track on Mastodon’s underrated 2009 progressive metal masterpiece, Crack the Skye.

Richly detailed, “The Czar” is virtual feast of brilliantly layered guitar tones that demands the deep dive you can only get through some fab ‘phones.

Muddy Waters, “Feel Like Going Home”

If you’ve ever wanted to know what it would be like to stand in the same room with Muddy Waters while he played the greatest blues the world has ever heard, just get a copy of the Folk Singer album recorded in 1964 and listen to this haunting studio performance. You will feel the very earth shake underneath your shoes.

Queen, “Killer Queen”

Everybody knows Queen are the masters of layering and overdubbing, but how do you get all those sounds to speak properly in the mix?

“Killer Queen” from the 1974 album Sheer Heat Attack is a great mini-lesson in how to place all those elements in an entertaining stereo field, and it can only be appreciated with a great set of earphones. Guaranteed to blow your mind.

Pantera, “5 Minutes Alone”

When most people think of headphone jams, they usually flash on something ethereal like Pink Floyd or Jimi Hendrix. But sometimes it’s great to just get a swift kick in the head, especially when you’re hitting the gym or getting psyched up for great night out.

Almost anything off Pantera’s Far Beyond Driven does the trick, but “5 Minutes Alone” always works for me.

Brad Tolinski is the editor-in-chief at Guitar World.

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Brad Tolinski

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away Brad was the editor of Guitar World from 1990 to 2015. Since his departure he has authored Eruption: Conversations with Eddie Van Halen, Light & Shade: Conversations with Jimmy Page and Play it Loud: An Epic History of the Style, Sound & Revolution of the Electric Guitar, which was the inspiration for the Play It Loud exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City in 2019.