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Guitar World DVD: How to Play In the Style of Jeff Beck

Maybe Eric Clapton described Jeff Beck's style best when he said Beck "pulls" sounds out of his guitar. And Beck himself has implied that if what he plays sounds ordinary -- sounds like a guitar, for instance -- he's unhappy.

Regardless, you can't deny Beck has a style all his own, something he started honing as a member of The Tridents, The Yardbirds, various versions of the Jeff Beck Group -- and now as that guy who recently tied Lady Gaga in the Grammy department.

On our exclusive DVD -- In Deep with Andy Aledort Presents How to Play in the Style of Jeff Beck -- Guitar World editor and instructor Andy Aledort takes you deep into Beck's quirky style.

The DVD, which is $9.99 at the Guitar World Online Store, features lessons on:

•Changing pitch while adding vibrato with the whammy bar

•Incorporating the whammy bar with natural harmonics

•Picking with fingers and thumb

•Fingerpicking with oblique bends

•Incorporate tremolo arm in solos

•Volume swells

•Excerpts from “Where Were You” and “Scatterbrain”

•How to play Beck’s version of “Sleep Walk,” from his album Rock ’N’ Roll Party Honoring Les Paul (It's also from the Porky's Revenge soundtrack!) -- and much, much more!

For more info about -- or to buy -- the DVD, click here.

Here's a small taste of the DVD: