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Guitar World DVD: How to Play In the Style of Jeff Beck

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Maybe Eric Clapton described Jeff Beck's style best when he said Beck "pulls" sounds out of his guitar. And Beck himself has implied that if what he plays sounds ordinary -- sounds like a guitar, for instance -- he's unhappy.

Regardless, you can't deny Beck has a style all his own, something he started honing as a member of The Tridents, The Yardbirds, various versions of the Jeff Beck Group -- and now as that guy who recently tied Lady Gaga in the Grammy department.

On our exclusive DVD -- In Deep with Andy Aledort Presents How to Play in the Style of Jeff Beck -- Guitar World editor and instructor Andy Aledort takes you deep into Beck's quirky style.

The DVD, which is $9.99 at the Guitar World Online Store, features lessons on:

• Changing pitch while adding vibrato with the whammy bar

• Incorporating the whammy bar with natural harmonics

• Picking with fingers and thumb

• Fingerpicking with oblique bends

• Incorporate tremolo arm in solos

• Volume swells

• Excerpts from “Where Were You” and “Scatterbrain”

• How to play Beck’s version of “Sleep Walk,” from his album Rock ’N’ Roll Party Honoring Les Paul (It's also from the Porky's Revenge soundtrack!) -- and much, much more!

For more info about -- or to buy -- the DVD, click here.

Here's a small taste of the DVD: