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Paper Citizen - Wandering Ghost EP review

Paper Citizen
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Wandering Ghost

On her poignant and prismatic third EP as Paper Citizen, Claire Gohst delivers a riveting slate of bold, punchy alt-rock hooks slathered in overdrive, soaring and impassioned singing that tears through the mix with electrifying aplomb, and even a slither of dreamy, weathered acoustic folk balladry. 

Despite running just short of 20 minutes, Gohst unfurls a sprawling musicality on the disc, taking listeners on a soulful and sinuous journey that starts powerfully with the brash and boisterous six-string calisthenics of “Scratching The Surface”, dips into a jammy power-pop lustre with “Lifeline”, then winds into the deeply emotive, heartrending blossom of the filmy “Indigo September” and hypnotic, slow‑burning “Won’t Be Losing Sleep”. We’re dying to see what Gohst can achieve on a full-length album.