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Save 33% on 'The Alchemical Guitarist Volume 1 and 2' DVD Combo Pack

We hope you're enjoying the 12 Days of Christmas Sale at the Guitar World Online Store. Here's today's deal:

Get 33 percent off The Alchemical Guitarist, Volume 1 and 2 DVD combo pack!

The Alchemical Guitarist, Volumes 1 and 2: Fretboard Secrets Unlocked presents 24 of the best instructional videos and accompanying columns from Guitar World columnist Richard Lloyd. In this insightful instructional DVD, Lloyd gives viewers a new and comprehensive way to understand the fretboard, one that unlocks the mysteries that so often confuse and frustrate guitarists, whether they are beginners or advanced players. One of Guitar World's most popular instructors, Lloyd delivers more insights to help players understand the fretboard in a clear pattern-based method.

He presents lessons on topics that include hexatonic blues scales, emphasizing minor thirds in pentatonic patterns, the cycle of fourths and fifths, and much more. With more than four hours of lessons, The Alchemical Guitarist 1 & 2 Combo Pack will give you the power to transform your guitar playing into pure gold!

For more information or to order, head to the Guitar World Online Store.