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Two Notes Audio Engineering Presents the Torpedo, the World’s Most Advanced Speaker Simulator, at the Nashville Amp Expo 2013

Two Notes Audio Engineering, in conjunction with their North American distributor, Diffusion Audio Inc., presented the complete lineup of Two Notes Torpedo products at the 2013 Nashville Amp Expo.

Inventors of the Digital Loadbox, Two Notes Audio Engineering now offers a complete range of speaker simulators for every application. A list of professional artists choosing Two Notes Torpedo to replace their speakers and microphones can be found at

Two Notes Torpedo is the perfect solution for stage, studio and practice, allowing guitarists and bassists to integrate their favorite tube amplifiers, preamps and pedals with a great-sounding IR (impulse response) based digital speaker emulation system. The Two Notes Torpedo features a growing library of (currently 57) cabinets for guitar and bass, each with a choice from eight virtual microphones that can be selected and moved in real time in order to achieve the desired sound.

The Two Notes VB-101 and Torpedo Live connect directly to the speaker output of a guitar or bass amplifier and allow the user to perform or record without disturbing the surroundings. A key feature, in contrast to a modeler, is that Torpedo doesn’t require replacing the primary tone source, a guitarist’s favorite amps and pedals.

Applications include bedroom, home and pro studios, silent stages in houses of worship, theater pits, TV soundstages, touring (fly dates, in-ears etc.) and re‐amplification.

All Torpedo products, including the Wall of Sound III DAW plug-in, also accept line level inputs either from pedals, preamps and external loadboxes and offer optional power amp emulation. Torpedo offers the option to create and/or use third-party impulse responses, as well as being fully programmable, either via the front panel or the free Torpedo Remote software.

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