AXOLOGY: AXL Introduces Tyrant 200B bass amp

AXL has announced it’s new Tyrant 200B solid-state bass amp.

The 200-watter has dual 10-inch speakers, four-band EQ with tone-cut switch and a ground lift control to reduce noise levels. It also has 1/4-inch active and passive inputs, as well as RCA inputs (in case you want to plug in your hi-fi equipment?). An XLR line out with level control lets you connect the Tyrant to a PA or mixer without requiring a direct box (nice feature).

A rather tidy silver faceplate, black metal grille and vinyl covering embossed with a skull design give the Tyrant 200B an understated metal that’s perfect for classic-era headbangers. Removable casters make for portability and stability (which is more than we can say for the bassists we know).

List price: $659.99. Check it out at axlguitars.