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Babicz and AP Int'l Announce Full-Contact Hardware Z Series Bass Bridge

Babicz and AP International have expanded the Full Contact Hardware line with the new Z Series Babicz 4-String Bass Bridge.

This new bass bridge supplements the popular Original Series bass bridges, providing more players the chance to use the revolutionary “eCAM” design on their instruments at a more affordable price point.

From the company:

Utilizing the lightweight aluminum saddle design, the bridge features a traditional bent steel bridge plate and, as with the Original Series, will be a direct replacement upgrade for Fender® Precision Bass® or Jazz Bass-style bridges.

Babicz Full Contact Hardware is designed to maximize and maintain consistent contact between the vibrating guitar string and the guitar/bass body. Most conventional guitar and bass bridges, especially after making adjustments for intonation and action, leave space between the saddle and bridge, which greatly reduces the sonic integrity of the string. With Babicz Full Contact Hardware, you can adjust your action as high or low as desired while maintaining maximum string transference to the body for optimum tone, dynamic range, pitch stability and resonance.

Available in April 2016. Street: $90

For more information, visit AP International online.