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Cort Introduces New KX500FF Guitar

Cort has introduced the newest addition to its KX series of guitars, the 7-string KX500FF.

The new guitar offers updated hardware, a double-cutaway, a new-to-series fanned-fret design and EMG 707 pickups.

The guitar's fanned frets provide a 25.5’’to 27’’ multiscale and further strengthen the low B, while a single hardtail bridge with string-thru-body design improves resonance and sustain. A volume knob, tone knob and three-way toggle switch provide further control, while locking machineheads improve tuning stability as well as facilitate easy and fast string changes.

The guitar is available in two colors, Star Dust Black and Star Dust Green, each created with a Poplar Burl top on Swamp Ash body. The neck is 5-piece Maple inlaid with two long streaks of Purpleheart, aLatin American wood that adds a splash of color. A Madagascar Ebony fingerboard corresponds to the black binding and black nickel hardware.

The price of the KX500FF has yet to be determined. For more about the guitar, stop by