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The DIY Musician: Devil & Sons Takes Relic Finishes to Their Illogical, Smashed Conclusion

One quick glance at the Devil & Sons Guitar Company’s “End of the Road” series and you’ll think you’re looking at the charred ashes of Jimi Hendrix’s guitar from Monterey.

A closer look, however, will show a skillful and detail-oriented process that repositions the neck and bridge along with twisting headstocks and cutaway horns. ... And it looks smashed.

We first discovered Devil & Sons last year when an End of the Road guitar was sold on eBay. The burned and destroyed guitars are the work of U.K. builder Daniel Devilson, and he has just released a behind-the-scenes look into the entire building process.

  • Sure, End of the Road guitars aren’t for everyone, but the way Devilson routes the body and freehands the parts in the scroll saw is just fascinating. The guitars start out with fairly standard Strat-style bodies, but that’s only the very beginning.
  • Note how Devilson adds a second routing template to move the neck pocket and two of the pickups. (The middle pickup is trashed and not working in the final product.) With all this, he has to be very precise on the positioning of the new hardtail bridge, the headstock re-attachment and the wiring.

As a guitar builder, I’m in awe. These are extremely well thought-out.

They also take relic’ing to its illogical conclusion. There can be none-more-relic’d!

The End of the Road series guitars are sold on his Amazon page. He’s also documented the building process in a full photoset on Facebook.

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