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Fender Custom Shop Introduces George Harrison Tribute Rosewood Telecaster

(Image credit: Fender Custom Shop)

The Fender Custom Shop has introduced its new George Harrison Tribute Rosewood Telecaster.

This is the company's recreation of the unique rosewood Tele Harrison can be seen playing in the Beatles' last film, Let It Be.

At an undisclosed location, Master Builder Paul Waller closely examined Harrison’s unique original instrument to recreate the guitar as accurately as possible.

Appearing stock to a casual observer, subtle details set this guitar apart as a prototype instrument and a Custom Shop creation.

The sleek rosewood neck is fashioned from two pieces of rosewood capped with a rosewood fingerboard, just like Harrison’s original, instead of the traditional one-piece construction. The neck’s visible seam line adds to the character of the instrument, marking it as a unique creation. The nut is 1/8" wider than most vintage Telecasters for a unique advantage while playing; the wider string spacing makes it easier to finger chords that ring out loud and clear, with plenty of crisp articulation.

In a subtly distinctive aesthetic touch, the early-Sixties style "spaghetti" logo decal sits atop the finish, instead of the era’s typical "transition" logo underneath the finish. The decal is also placed closer to the nut than is traditional, resulting in a relocated string tree and slightly altered break angle behind the nut. The hardware is as historically accurate as possible; a vintage-style three-saddle bridge, 21 narrow jumbo frets, a Micarta nut and classic Fender "F"-stamped tuning machines are all present, just as on the original instrument.

The pickups were hand wound by Abigail Ybarra, who broke her 2013 retirement to apply her expertise to this historic recreation’s pickups. Airy and clear-sounding, they make the guitar’s voice come alive with amazingly well-defined note articulation and incredibly reactive, highly dynamic tone.

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