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Hear Bugera's T5 INFINIUM 5-Watt Cage Style Tube Amplifier Head in Action — Video

In the new video below, guitarist Phil Gates explores the features of the Bugera T5 INFINIUM 5-Watt Cage-Style Tube Amplifier Head with INFINIUM Tube Life Multiplier and Reverb.

One thing's for sure: This amp sounds amazing for a tiny 5-watt head.

Bugera's T5 INFINIUM features true Class-A technology with a 12AX7 front-end and an EL84 power stage.

A masterful, hand-crafted all-tube amplifier, the T5 provides sweetly balanced harmonics and natural tube compression, resulting in the warm distortion and break-up you’ve come to love from those vintage megaliths of yesteryear—only in a much more portable and attractive package.

The hand-selected 12AX7 preamp tube in T5’s classic Sixties-era preamp provides everything from sweetly-purring blues to mind-blowing crunch. Often employed in British-style amplifiers, the EL84 output tube is known for its crisp and chiming tonal quality, when pushed to the max, and the T5 harnesses that power via the built-in power attenuator—for the ultimate guitar tone at any volume level.

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