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How to Gig Without Breaking the Bank: The Gigging Guitar Rig Shopping Challenge

Many of you—hundreds of thousands, at least—are familiar with the popular and humorous gear-centric YouTube videos produced by the U.K.'s Rob Chapman.

If you're not, here's a fine introduction!

Rob and his associate—aka "The Captain"—typically throw themselves into gear-related "challenges" and film their trials, tribulations and drinking along the way. This particular challenge, which is from the summer of 2014, is called "How to Gig for Under £500—Gigging Guitar Rig Shopping Challenge!" ... and it's already surpassed the 1,000,000-views mark.

It certainly does address an important issue: How can you put together a worthwhile gigging rig (where you're able to be heard above the drummer, as they say in the clip) with a budget of £500, or about $650-ish?

Check out the results, and stay tuned for more vids by Rob and the Captain.