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Keeley Announces New DDR Drive, Delay and Reverb Pedal

Keeley Electronics has announced the DDR, an all-in-one drive, delay and reverb pedal. The dual footswitch offering boasts Drive and Wet channels, allowing the user to choose between two overdrives and then add in delay and 'verb.

The Drive section offers Crunch and Lead overdrives with tone, drive and level controls, while the Wet side of the pedal houses delays and reverbs and is controlled via blend, decay and time knobs. A Vintage/Modern Switch enables toggling between spring and plate reverb or analog and digital delay. A built-in effects loop makes it possible to insert effects between the Drive and Wet channels.

There’s also top-mounted jacks for effect pedal insert or split, true bypass switching and 9V DC power supply operation.

The DDR is available beginning May 23 for $179. 

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