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Korg Unveils New Rimpitch-C2 Acoustic Guitar Tuner

Korg has unveiled its new Rimpitch-C2 acoustic guitar tuner, the successor to the Rimpitch, a tuner with the ability to fit into an acoustic’s soundhole.

Unlike the original, the Rimpitch-C2 is fully chromatic, so it supports alternate tunings and reference pitches from 438 to 445Hz.

The tuner is designed with a rubber-cushioned chassis that mounts on to 100mm-diameter soundholes, and uses a piezo pickup to detect pitch. The tuner's tuning precision is +/- 1 cent, and the battery life is 36 hours. The CR1620 lithium batteries needed to refuel it are not included.

The Korg Rimpitch-C2 is available now for ~$30.

For more info on the tuner, head on over to