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New 14th Editions of 'Blue Book of Acoustic Guitars' and 'Blue Book of Electric Guitars' Out Now

The new 14th editions of the Blue Book of Acoustic Guitars and Blue Book of Electric Guitars provide detailed information and current real-world values on guitars and basses.

With more than a combined 2,200 pages and thousands of guitars listed, these books are the industry leaders for guitar values and information. Covering vintage and modern guitars, acoustic flattops and archtops, hollowbody and solidbody electrics, as well as basses, these books are all encompassing. Features:

  • More than 1,300 individual guitar manufacturers/luthiers/distributors and nearly 20,000 individually listed guitars are included
  • More than 10,000 color images available for viewing on our website for free
  • Vintage guitar/bass values updated for the volatile used guitar market
  • New manufacturers and models included through 2012.

Major trademarks including Fender, Gibson, Martin, Paul Reed Smith, Ibanez, Yamaha, Ovation, Taylor, Alvarez, Epiphone, Takamine, Washburn, Gretsch and Guild are covered in detail as well as many independent luthiers and custom builders. Also, separate 16-page Photo Grading System sections in each book help the reader correctly identify the condition of their guitar, which ultimately determines the value.

The 14th Edition Blue Book of Acoustic Guitars has an MSRP of $29.95; the 14th Edition Blue Book of Electric Guitars has an MSRP of $39.95. These Blue Books are available through major bookstores, music stores and directly through our website.

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