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Paul Riario Unboxes and Demos New Line 6 Spider V 120 Amp

(Image credit: Line 6)

This week, Guitar World Tech Editor Paul Riario said farewell to his trusty old Line 6 Spider III amp. I don't know how long it's been under his desk, but I know it was there when I first stumbled into GW six years ago.

Anyway, he wasn't too upset because he was replacing it with a brand-new, super-lightweight Line 6 Spider V 120 amp—the same one we announced back in September.

In the iPhone 5S video below, watch as Paul unboxes, plugs in and demos the amp. We've also provided a more in-depth demo video below.

From Line 6:

The Spider V 120 is a great live amp for playing small venues, with 120 watts of power providing plenty of volume. Spider V features 200-plus amps and effects, an internal wireless receiver and a specialized full-range speaker system with a 12-inch loudspeaker.

The amps offer upgraded amp and effects modeling, artist-designed presets and an intuitive, easy-to-use design. Spider V features a specialized full-range speaker system that delivers outstanding sound quality and versatility for electric guitars, acoustics and even music. Select models even come wireless-ready, with an internal wireless receiver that’s compatible with the Relay G10T transmitter.

For more information, check out the videos below and head here.