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Photo Gallery: Iron Maiden Members Throughout the Years

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Iron Maiden may be the ultimate DIY band. They've sold 85 millions records worldwide, played more than 2,000 shows, were inducted into the Hollywood RockWalk and won a Grammy. All of this with virtually no radio or television support.

Formed by bassist and songwriter Steve Harris in 1975, Iron Maiden gained popularity on the strength of blending heavy metal technicality with punk rock aesthetics, soaring vocal melodies, elaborate and energetic live performances and, of course, the distinct guitar harmonies of Dave Murray and Adrian Smith.

Iron Maiden's maturation into one of the world's premier metal outfits was a long and variable path filled with a cast of musicians, many with brief tenures.

Inlcuded below is a list of Iron Maiden's current and longest-lasting roster, along with some past members who played brief but notable roles in the band's growth.