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The Seven Best/Worst "Found Object" Guitar Picks

Here's another interesting video from the gang over at Gear Gods. The premise is, you've shown up at a gig—but you've forgotten all your guitar picks. Apparently, no one else in the band—or in the audience (or sound crew)—has a pick, and there are no guitar shops nearby. So basically, just picture a Twilight Zone episode in which plectrums no longer exist. What would you use instead?

Gear Gods' Trey Xavier investigates!

In the interactive clip below, you're able to "choose your weapon" and go from there. Will you choose the spoon (food shovel)? The bottle cap? The U.S. quarter? The green plastic coffee stirrer? The broken credit card?

Regardless, the clip shows you how all of them sound and react to normal playing. Check it out and choose your favorite "found object" guitar pick.