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Squier vs. Fender: What’s the Difference?

Since the early Eighties, guitarists have had the option of buying many of Fender’s models in less-expensive variants marketed under the name Squier.

Fender introduced the brand in 1982 to offer budget versions of models that have included the Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jaguar, Jazzmaster and Mustang. Over the years, Squiers have been built in a number of different countries, including Japan, Korea, Mexico, India, Indonesia, China, and the United States.

In this video, Darrell Braun performs a quick shoot-out between two of his favorite Telecasters: the Squier Classic Vibe Custom and the Fender American Standard. He performs a comparison of each guitar’s handling of melodic and chord-based playing and pickup tone. The entire video is instrumental, giving you a chance to hear each guitar as it’s put through its paces.

The result? See for yourself. But as Darrell notes, “Both of these guitars are amazing instruments, but when considering the price disparity, it is apparent that the Squier is a lot of guitar for the price.”

We recently shared Darrell’s video for the “Ultimate Guitar Shootout,” in which he compares a Les Paul Studio and an American Standard Stratocaster and Telecaster, and his “Cheap Telecaster Comparison,” where he looks at three budget models.

To see more of Darrell’s videos, visit his YouTube channel.

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