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Sterling by Music Man Previews New JP60-MGR John Petrucci Guitar

If you read the Ernie Ball forum, you'll already have noticed the company has sort of announced the new Sterling by Music Man JP60-MGR guitar.

If not, check out the recent post about the new John Petrucci model right here:

"Here's a quick preview of the new-for-2015 JP60-MGR: Mystic Green finish!

"It's our first SBMM 'Chameleon' finish, and was selected by JP himself earlier this year between DT tours. Needless to say, it's probably our most requested finish since day one, and we searched high and low for something that could be our counterpart to EBMM's Mystic Dream finish. John personally selected this out of several samples we sent him.

"This finish will only be available on JP60, and will be hitting stores in late January. $619 USA Street Price!

"I'll be unveiling the entire New for 2015 SBMM lineup right here on the forum from now through New Year's."

Stay tuned for more. Again, remember the Winter NAMM Show is coming up!