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Summer NAMM 2019: Blackstar Announces amPlug 2 FLY Headphone Amp

(Image credit: courtesy of Blackstar)

Summer NAMM 2019: Blackstar has announced the amPlug 2 FLY headphone amp for guitar and bass. The fully-analog circuit, based on the company’s amPlug 2 series, has been reworked for clearer and more present sound.

The amPlug 2 FLY for guitar boasts clean, crunch and lead channels and includes Blackstar’s patented ISF tone control as well as chorus, delay and reverb effects. A bass version features classic, modern and overdrive voices, as well as tone control and six rhythm loops.

The amPlug 2 FLY series is available for $44.99 each. 

For more information, head to Blackstar Amps.

(Image credit: courtesy of Blackstar)