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Summer NAMM 2019: Kemper Updates Profiler with New Ionosphere and Formant Reverbs

(Image credit: courtesy of Kemper)

Summer NAMM 2019: Following up on the 5.7 update release in March, Kemper has now made Profiler OS 6.0 available for its popular Profiler. The new version offers up two fresh reverbs—Ionosphere and Formant.

The Ionosphere Reverb is based on the existing Profiler Cirrus Reverb and Profiler Formant Reverb. It features pitch and shimmer reverbs and, according to Kemper, takes the effect “to brand new territories.” Two crystal pitch shifters are embedded into the reverb as well, enabling effects similar to orchestral strings and synth-like sounds. The Ionosphere also allows for pitch buildup settings independent of the reverb time setting.

Formant adds formant filters to the existing Profiler Cirrus Reverb, giving the reverb tail more color and a choir-like sound. Kemper notes that the Formant Reverb is not meant to be a realistic sound—rather, it offers synthesizer and Mellotron-style characteristics. Additionally, the formants also help the reverb cut through the mix.

Version 6.0 of the Kemper Profiler OS is available for download—and for free—from the Kemper website.