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Acorn Amplifiers unleashes the Mind Killer dual-channel distortion pedal

Acorn Amplifiers Mind Killer
(Image credit: Acorn Amplifiers)

Georgia-based amp and effects pedal company Acorn Amplifiers has unveiled the Mind Killer – a dual distortion pedal that “guarantees to deliver total obliteration in the form of huge gain tones to any rig.”

Chief among its features are two shapeable and independently switchable and stackable distortion circuits, which can be dialed to the user's taste.

The Mind Killer also boasts two footswitches to engage each circuit – each with bass boost and clipping diode toggle switches – as well as SMD LEDs mounted on its front-facing side.

Hand-built and hand-wired, the distortion pedal is housed in a rugged metal enclosure, and assembled using high-quality audio-grade components and metal Switchcraft jacks.

The Mind Killer is available now for $225. For more information, head to Acorn Amplifiers.

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