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Animals as Leaders' Tosin Abasi partners with Neural DSP for signature plugin

The chieftain of extended-range chug and trailblazer of djent Tosin Abasi has collaborated with Neural DSP to design a signature plugin, the Archetype: Abasi.

The Archetype: Abasi continues in a similar vein to such plugins as Archetype: Nolly, which saw Adam "Nolly" Getgood's rig modeled and made available for download, and aims to put the grand architecture of Abasi's dynamic tone within the reach of anyone with hundred-odd bucks to spare and a computer to load it onto.

There are three onboard amp models: Clean, Rhythm and Lead. The Clean amp model features a Blend control that allows you to mix a tube amp tone with a Piezo-esque voicing, while the Rhythm amp model offers a wide range of dynamic gain, and the Lead featuring a built-in booster for super-high gain and harmonically rich metal tones.

(Image credit: Neural DSP)

As far as effects models go, it's no surprise to see Abasi's superlative Pathos overdrive modeled here; effectively housing the lead channel of a high-gain amplifier in a pedal form, it's a dynamic and formidable distortion pedal. Abasi's signature Logos compressor is also available on the plugin, allowing you to tighten things up for those rhythmically complex parts that Abasi is famous for.

Elsewhere, there is a nine-band EQ for in-depth tone sculpting and post-amp digital delay and reverb effects, and over 70 impulse responses captured by Adam “Nolly” Getgood. Neural DSP says that this cabinet simulator section "provides ultra-realistic depth and detail, with seamless multi-microphone positioning that perfectly matches the amplifiers’ character."

The Archetype: Abasi is available for now for €119 (approx $131), with a 14-day free trial.

See Neural DSP for more information and to order.

Jonathan Horsley

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