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Former Periphery man Adam 'Nolly' Getgood teams with Neural DSP for "the purest distillation of my perfect guitar tones"

Neural DSP has teamed up with producer and former Periphery bassist and electric guitar player Adam 'Nolly' Getgood for the Archetype: Nolly plugin.

The new offering - which follows the company's Archetype: Plini - is centered around four tube amplifiers: Clean, Crunch, Rhythm and Lead, modeled after customized heads from Getgood’s own collection.

There’s also a pre-effects section with two overdrive/booster pedals, a solid-state compressor and a pre-delay, as well as a nine-band EQ.

(Image credit: Neural DSP)

Post-amp effects include reverb and delay pedals, the latter featuring Neural’s Tape Saturation algorithm for some vintage-y warmth.

Additionally, the cab-sim virtual speaker section boasts 640 impulse response elements captured by Getgood himself, while a link/unlink control allows for mixing and matching heads and cabs.

Said Getgood, "Neural has absolutely nailed the sounds of my favorite pedals, amps and cabs. This plugin is the purest distillation of my perfect guitar tones, captured with 100% accuracy."

Archetype: Nolly is available for pre-order now for €119 (approx $131), and launches with a 14-day free trial on August 30.

For more information, head to Neural DSP.