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Bass Player reveals 2021 Lifetime Achievement Awards

Bass Player 416
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When we put our heads together a while back and decided which bassists should receive BP’s coveted Lifetime Achievement Award this year, we came up with a long, long list of names. Even though we’ve been giving these awards out since 2000, the occasional year out for publishing or pandemic reasons aside, there is still a huge number of bass players who deserve this recognition.

In the end, though, we narrowed it down to three bona fide legends of our instrument, and added a new award category while we were at it — the ‘Rising Star’ award, given to a bass player who may not have many decades as a professional behind them just yet, but who is pushing our community forward anyway. We want to commend and celebrate bassists with vision, young or old, and to acknowledge the fact that great bass didn’t only take place in the distant past.

Please join us in congratulating all four of our cover stars Marcus Miller, Gail Ann Dorsey, John Taylor and Charles Berthoud for their incredible talent, hard work and creativity. In this issue we also hang out with Tal Wilkenfeld and Freekbass, we look at Queen’s bass history before John Deacon (yes, you read that right) and we road-test a range of stunning bass gear. Get the cover (or covers!) of your choice at Magazines Direct.


Joel McIver

Joel McIver is the Editor of Bass Player magazine. A journalist with 25 years' experience in the music field, he's also the author of 35 books, a couple of bestsellers among them. He regularly appears on podcasts, radio and TV and occasionally teaches at BIMM.