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Beetronics unleashes the Vezzpa Octave Stinger, an analog fuzz pedal with digital controls

Beetronics Vezzpa
(Image credit: Beetronics)

California-based pedal maker Beetronics has launched its latest fuzz pedal, the Vezzpa Octave Stinger.

Combining digital controls with an analog fuzz circuit, the op-amp-powered Vezzpa packs two operating modes: Fuzzzz and Stinger. 

The former offers a thicker fuzz, which lends itself more to rhythm playing, while the latter offers a sharper and more aggressive tone, achieved partially through up-octave stacking. There's also a sustain control for further tonal manipulation.

The Vezzpa's digital functionality is tied to its footswitch. In bypass, holding the footswitch down momentarily engages the effect. If the effect is already engaged, double-clicking the footswitch toggles between modes, and holding it down momentarily switches modes.

Visually, the pedal sports a strikingly colorful stained glass design with textured embossing.

The Vezzpa Octave Stinger is available now for $199. For more information, head over to Beetronics.

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