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Blackstar expands its bass amp arsenal with the ultra-lightweight Unity Elite Bass Series

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Blackstar has unveiled its latest line of bass amps: the Unity Elite Series. Consisting of a compact 700W head and multiple cabinets, the line-up is designed to deliver "stadium-filling tone in a convenient, lightweight format."

Weighing only 4.2kg (9.3lbs), the Unity Elite 700W head packs a wide variety of features into a super-compact form factor.

With Blackstar's 6550 and 6L6 tube-recreating Response control, built-in effects, including a compressor, chorus, octaver and 3 types of overdrive - all of which are footswitchable - the Unity Elite 700W head is aimed at both studio and gigging musicians, and is designed with flexibility in mind. It's even rack-mountable.

There are also balanced XLR, jack or USB outputs for flexible recording and live options.

A series of matching Elite cabinets - available in 4x10, 2x10 and 1x15 configurations - feature premium Eminence speakers with traditional ceramic magnets for "extra punch and clarity", and a lightweight, solid-wood design optimized for portability - "a third less weight than traditional brands," the company says.

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Blackstar U700H

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Blackstar U700H

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Price is TBC. For more information on the Unity Elite Bass Series, head to Blackstar.

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