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This insane-looking bass guitar is made of 2,000 Lego bricks

Burls Art Lego bass
(Image credit: Burls Art / YouTube)

Burls Art – the man behind guitars made of 50lbs of pink Himalayan salt, 800 sheets of paper and 5,000 coffee beans – has built yet another astonishing instrument – this time, a bass guitar made of 2,000 Lego bricks.

The YouTuber started the build by constructing the bass's body using green-, cream-, yellow- and white-colored bricks arranged in a geometric pattern – using glue to hold the bricks in place for added stability. A piece of maple wood was glued to the middle of the body using epoxy resin for extra strength.

Next, he set to work constructing the bass guitar's neck – crafting a truss rod cavity, epoxy-veneered angled headstock and epoxy resin fingerboard – before cutting a double-cut body shape out of the set Lego bricks using a band saw. Finally, he installed a string-through bridge, electronics cavity and tuners.

On the bass's electronics, Burls Art explains: “I decided to go with a piezo pickup under the bridge so that I could leave the entire middle portion open and show off the Lego design.

“Of course, this compromises some tone, but I build these guitars as [artistic pieces] more than I do for the tone of the instrument. I'm not going to say this thing sounds great, but it does make noise when it's plugged into an amp so I'm cool with it.”

Rounding off the clip, the YouTuber created an audio loop using the new bass, before enlisting his newly built none-more-punk skateboard guitar for some silky lead work over the top.

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