Cast Your Vote for the Best Van Halen Album

(Image credit: Brian Rasic/Getty Images)

As the moderator of Guitar World's always-lively Facebook page, I've seen many an argument erupt around the best album from a particular band, or their best era.

No band, I can assure you, has been at the center of more of these heated arguments than Van Halen, that iconic American hard rock band whose guitarist was named by you, Guitar World's online readers themselves, as the greatest guitarist of all time.

So, let's settle this! Whether you swear by the early David Lee Roth albums, their mid-Eighties, chart-topping efforts with Sammy Hagar or even the band's sole outing with Gary Cherone in 1998 (these people must exist somewhere), make your voice heard and cast your ballot for the best of Van Halen's 12 studio albums.  

You can only vote once, for one album, so make your choice count!

Happy voting — and thank you in advance!