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CEC Amplification to Develop Johnny Hiland Signature Amplifier

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CEC Amplification has announced that Nashville guitarist and Shrapnel recording artist Johnny Hiland is endorsing the line and will soon have his own signature amp.

"Like a lot of other guitar players, I've been in the search for the perfect amp fit for a very long time," Hiland said. "From the first note I played on a CEC amp, I was hooked and immediately started talking to Craig about doing a signature amp for me."

“I’m humbled and honored to have a player like Johnny on board,” said CEC founder Craig Wildenradt. "He’s an absolutely incredible talent and an all-around great person. I consider it a privilege to be working with him."

Hiland’s current rig is a CEC Brigand paired with a Suckerpunch 212 speaker cab. His signature amp will take form in a 212 combo configuration and will take cues from Brigand’s clean channel circuit, which now provides Hiland with a base tone that he finds to be inspiring on its own as well as a fantastic platform for his pedals.

Prototyping is starting now for Hiland’s signature amp, and a first iteration is expected around the beginning of 2013.

“I can't wait for my model to come out, and I can finally say with sincere confidence that my tone search is over," Hiland said. "I am so proud to be with CEC. Craig is a monster amp designer, and I look forward to sharing many years of fun and picking with him!"

For more information, visit cecamps.com.