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ChordShaker Announces Fender CD-60/iPhone 5c Giveaway

Music-app developer Musopia has partnered with Guitar World to give away a pair of Fender CD-60 series guitars and iPhone 5c’s to launch its new guitar-teaching app, ChordShaker.

ChordShaker enables beginners to learn guitar chords on the move so you can practice anytime, anywhere. From learning initial chord finger positions to playing from the in-app song selections, players develop muscle memory for their fingers and then transfer their new skills to a real guitar — and in this case, your iPhone 5c and Fender CD-60.

Free on iOS, ChordShaker Pocket Guitar uses five simultaneous touch points on the screen allowing the player to hold it just like a real guitar neck to play the chords. For players who know their basic chords already, ChordShaker can also become a virtual guitar with full guitar sounds and "jamming" function, allowing the player to play his or her favorite songs.

To enter, fill out the official Guitar World contest form RIGHT HERE by July 31, 2014.

For more information, visit the official ChordShaker site,