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Corey Taylor Announces Title of New Stone Sour Album

Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor took to Twitter yesterday to clue fans in on the details surrounding the upcoming new album from Stone Sour — or as it turns out, albums.

"The new Stone Sour album is a 2-part double concept album called House of Gold and Bones, parts 1 and 2. Part 1 will drop in Oct '12," the singer wrote. "Part 2 will drop next year. 24 songs, 12 on each disc. Each disc will include one half of the story. For lyrics, you'll have to [visit] our site."

If a double album isn't ambitious enough, Taylor also made mention of a potential comic book in the works.

"Once I lock in the company who will help me put it together, there will be a comic book as well," he wrote.

Song titles on House of Gold and Bones include "Absolute Zerom," "RU486," "A Rumor of Skin'" and "Taciturn."

Josh Hart

Josh Hart is a former web producer and staff writer for Guitar World and Guitar Aficionado magazines (2010–2012). He has since pursued writing fiction under various pseudonyms while exploring the technical underpinnings of journalism, now serving as a senior software engineer for The Seattle Times.