Corey Taylor Announces Title of New Stone Sour Album

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Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor took to Twitter yesterday to clue fans in on the details surrounding the upcoming new album from Stone Sour — or as it turns out, albums.

"The new Stone Sour album is a 2-part double concept album called House of Gold and Bones, parts 1 and 2. Part 1 will drop in Oct '12," the singer wrote. "Part 2 will drop next year. 24 songs, 12 on each disc. Each disc will include one half of the story. For lyrics, you'll have to [visit] our site."

If a double album isn't ambitious enough, Taylor also made mention of a potential comic book in the works.

"Once I lock in the company who will help me put it together, there will be a comic book as well," he wrote.

Song titles on House of Gold and Bones include "Absolute Zerom," "RU486," "A Rumor of Skin'" and "Taciturn."