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Dean's new Exile Select guitars are sleek shred machines

Though Dean made plenty of headlines last fall with its collaboration with Slayer's Kerry King, the $8,666 USA Kerry King V Limited Edition electric guitar, the iconic company's most impressive creation in recent months may have actually slipped under your radar. 

Back in February, Dean released the Exile Select Series, six gorgeously finished new guitars that promised to help players attain “the next level of shredding glory.” Intrigued of course, we asked Dean to send us an example from the new line. 

The guitar that soon arrived was impressive both sonically and - with an absolutely pristine Burled Poplar finish - visually. Handling everything we threw at it with aplomb, the Exile Select proved itself to be the sort of guitar that you can pick up and absolutely fly with right away.

Don't just take our word for it, though. See our own Paul Riario put the test model through its paces in the video above.

For more info on the guitars, step right on over to Dean.