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Did an Errant Tweet Give Away Guns N' Roses Plans for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

There's been quite a stir since last night, when Blabbermouth picked up on a Tweet (see below) seemingly sent out by Paul Shaffer, the event coordinator for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony, which claimed Guns N' Roses would not be performing that night.

It seems, though, that Shaffer's account wasn't being utilized by him at the time, however, and Michael Lichtstein, the Vice President of Programming at Envision Radio Networks, has gone on record as saying the Tweet not only wasn't from Shaffer, but wasn't true either.

"I am writing to set the record straight on a story Blabbermouth printed earlier this evening [Thursday, March 8]," he said in a statement to Blabbermouth. "The story quoted Paul Shaffer's Twitter account as saying GUNS N' ROSES would not be performing at this year's induction ceremony. Please know this tweet did not come from Mr. Shaffer, as his Twitter account is in conjunction with his syndicated radio feature with our network, and all tweets are handled by one of our staff members. No one is exactly sure what will happen at the induction ceremony, and we apologize for the inadvertent tweet."

You can get the full story here.