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Dunlop debuts limited-edition Dual-Inductor Custom Badass Cry Baby wah

Dunlop Dual-Inductor Custom Badass Cry Baby wah
(Image credit: Dunlop)

Dunlop has debuted the all-new Custom Badass Cry Baby wah pedal, which packs two of the most iconic wah voices in history into one compact unit.

In a bid to offer a broad, dynamic palette and expand your musical expression, the limited-edition Dual-Inductor pedal boasts both a Halo Inductor and Fasel Inductor, each offering unique voices that can be tweaked to your specific tonal desire.

The Halo Inductor is described as a classic wah sound as heard on iconic British blues records, with a throaty, harmonically rich midrange and a particularly potent punch.

On the other hand, the Fasel Inductor offers a more modern tone, notable for its brighter tonal character and its ability to cut through a mix. Suitable for higher-gain sounds, the Fasel Inductor offers "bright clarity and lush harmonics".

Dunlop Dual-Inductor Custom Badass Cry Baby wah

(Image credit: Dunlop)

The pedal itself features a kickswitch that allows the user to easily flick between voices, as well as separate fine-tune knobs, which control the wah itself. A clockwise turn dials in a more aggressive tone, while the opposite curates smoother sounds.

Underneath the frequency controls sit two LED lights, which let you see at a glance which voice is selected. A blue LED signals the Halo Inductor is engaged, while a red one shows the Fasel Inductor is currently in action.

Of course, the foot rocker features, giving guitarists total control over the vocal, expressive tones that the wah creates.

Two LEDs also feature at the user-end of the pedal, showing you which Inductor is selected and the bypass state of the pedal

Dunlop Dual-Inductor Custom Badass Cry Baby wah

(Image credit: Dunlop)

The Cry Baby Custom Badass Dual-Inductor Edition Wah pedal is available now for $199.

Head over to Dunlop for more info.

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