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The Sovtek MIG-50 amp rides again with new Electro-Harmonix reissue

Electro-Harmonix has resurrected the classic Sovtek MIG-50 guitar amp under its own name.

A fairly straightforward recreation – aside from some 21st century enhancements to make the amp, in EHX's words, "bulletproof" – the new MIG-50 head features a pair of channels (normal and bright/high gain), each with its own volume control.

Power on the NYC-made amp comes by way of a pair of Tung-Sol 5881 power tubes, and an individual Mullard 12AX7 and two Tung-Sol 12AX7 preamp tubes, while controls come in the form of treble, middle, bass and presence knobs. An external bias adjustment for the power tubes also comes aboard. 

Electro-Harmonix's new MIG-50 amp

(Image credit: Electro-Harmonix)

Tonally, the amp aims to duplicate the richness of its Sovtek predecessor, with some of the sweetness of a tweed Fender Bassman.

The Electro-Harmonix MIG-50 is shipping now for $638.40. For more info, point your browser over to Electro-Harmonix.